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Joy. Love. Prosperity.

What I Do

Astronomical Clock

Modern Use of Ancient Tech

I adapt the ancient art of astrology for today's modern use. I test the techniques for efficacy and value to arrive at results that fit our increasingly dynamic world.

Book Shelf

Free Information & Articles

With one eye on the practical, one eye on the spiritual, I share my latest observations with you on interpretation methods, practical uses, forecasts, and more.


Tailor-Made Consultations

Customized consultation based on your current needs and areas of focus. Free readings available depending on my schedule.
Enquire here.

Read & Watch

Running Up the Steps

The 5 Stages
of Astrology

Stage 1: Awareness of self.

knowing more about yourself through astrology

Stage 2: Utilization of self.

graining self-mastery through astrology

Stage 3: Awareness of self as one.

seeing oneness and common humanity through astrology

Stage 4: Awareness of self as projection.

seeing infinite creative expressions through astrology

Step 5: Awareness of no-self.

seeing infinite potential through astrology

My Story

Hello, my name is Ilin Shieh, and I'm so glad you found me. I started my astrology journey at a time when I desperately needed answers. The stars gave me light in times of darkness, and they gave me relativity when my world seemed without orientation. 

Through astrology, I learned to embrace the challenges in life, shift my perspective towards purpose and meaning, release self-judgment, and practice self-compassion and self-mastery. 

Either you just discovered astrology or recently found my site, I welcome you to this journey of hope, love, and joy. Please feel free to contact me below, I look forward to hearing from you. 


Get in Touch

Located in the SF Bay Area

Serving the local and global community

WiseStarAstrology ||at|| gmail ||dot|| com


Submitted, we'll be in touch soon, thank you!

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