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US Elections mini-read

To ease my pre-election jitters, I'm throwing cards for our presidential candidates. I approach this read in the spirit of Venus in Libra, with empathy, compassion, and love for all.

Here we go with the four-card Herbcrafter's spread, clarified by an additional four cards from the White Tarot deck.



Curandera of Fire - The Devil/Justice, 2 of Wands/3 of Swords

Biden is showing up strong as the King of Fire, ready and able to fight with integrity and vigor. He is battling the fear that Trump inspires as represented by the Devil and hoping to right the justice system. He is planning to bring the nation back from a long heartbreak and bring a sense of mutuality back to the world stage as a leader. However, there really isn't a sense of ease where he stands, and stamina and long term vision will be needed on this long road to recover from long-running addictions, and repair the damages that have already been done.


Eight of Fire - Page of Cups/2 of Cups, The Hermit/The Lovers

There is fire and heat around him to help him, he is not alone with the Page of Cups an 2 of Cups. The Hermit does suggest a level of solitude and sometimes a real need for retreat, but he is getting a lot of support to feel the balance that he needs. Another interpretation could be that even though he feels a need for retirement, his compassion and love for the nation is propelling him to offer a new justifiable outlook for everyone. He feels a need to push for a new outlook quickly and swiftly. Politics and efficacy aside, there is strong compassion and empathy shown here. And he is able to mobilize people around him through emotional connection.


Eight of Earth - 8 of Cups/10 of Wands, King of Wands/5 of Pentacles/Wheel of Fortune

An intense amount of work is indicated here with Eight of Earth. Because 10 of Wands is indicated as a clarifier for 8 of Cups, we see that the work he needs to do to leave what hasn’t worked is extremely intense. However he is standing strong as he appears again in King of Wands. 5 of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune jumped out as a pair, so there is hardship and hard work in trying to turn a new page, but Wheel of Fortune ensures change. The indication is there for needing to take the burden even under emotionally tough times.


Four of Fire - Page of Pentacles/9 of Cups, Queen of Swords/8 of Pentacles

There is a level of celebration and stability with Four of Wands, which can also indicate a move into the White House. Page of Pentacles is new opportunities in the making, and 9 of Cups suggests the positivity of new starts. Queen of Swords is one of my Harris signifiers, so the stability is aided by Harris who along with Biden, is in for a lot of work with 8 of Pentacles. Nose to the grindstone for the both of them, and they are not claiming victory yet - either they win the election or not. Four of Wands is a good start to a potential victory. They will have their moments of celebration with the 9 of Cups, but the feelings of fulfillment will soon be replaced by a real sense of responsibility and work.

Overall the cards are looking ready for Biden to get to work. The good news is I am not seeing a tough fight for the outcome. It’s looking like he just naturally slides and transitions into hard work at the office.



Nine of Water - 5 of Swords/Ace of Swords, Knight of Wands/2 of Cups

He is in a state of ease and fulfillment as all eyes are on him for re-election. There could be a stalemate as shown by 5 of Swords, but the feeling is he is on the side of truth and victory. The Knight of Wands show him appearing confident and dynamic, and those who love him really do honestly love him. He does appear charismatic and ready to stir things up and change things up. Those who have been neglected by the bipartisan establishments appreciate him for shaking up the system so that they are seen, and he is enjoying appearing as a knight to fulfill the desires of those who’s been marginalized.


The Magician - 3 of Swords/6 of Wands, The Magician/The Emperor

Double Magician signifying he is well-connected and has resources at his disposal. Even though there has been pain from all areas of life - work, family, and physical health, he is feeling like a winner coming out of every battle. The Magician and the Emperor pair is a strong indication of a powerful manifestor. When he wants something, he gets it. Of course, what’s missing here is the empathy of the Empress, but in his mindset he is showing up strong and ready to claim victory.


Four of Air - 7 of Wands/the Lovers, 4 of Wands/8 of Cups

His greatest obstacles is people feeling tired of fighting, even when they like him and would fight for him. The sense is that the stability in the 4 or Wands that they were promised were not delivered, so they contemplate leaving and is now dreaming of a new vision. So he is actually on shaky grounds with a part of his base and would need to fight for people’s love as they walk away from broken promises. But again, the Lovers is no small card, so those who were supportive of the changes he made could still choose to fight with him after a pause of reflection.


Seven of Fire/Curandera of Water - 6 of Cups/The Hanged Man, 8 of Swords/Judgement

The indication of a tough fight with Biden is clearly indicated. The plan to renew the presidency is halted with the Hanged Man. There is a sense of feeling fenced-in as he faces multiple court cases awaiting judgement. He wants to fight and bring back what he had for the last four years, but he is being blocked and deterred, even with Barrett in court. From a personal point of view, the 8 of Swords and Judgment can mean that if he would just release the internal state of fear and self-doubt, he can actually step into a state of purpose by perhaps returning to his previous roles in the private sector. This is a heavier outcome compared to Biden’s, but as one human being to another, I would suggest a period of rest and self-care before making any further moves.


Neither Biden or Trump’s piles declare a clear victory or loss. So I can only say that Biden’s cards look a lot more active and invigorating and speaks of actual office work, and perhaps that is indication for a more desirable outcome. My ambiguity is intentional here because all bets have been off for the entirety of 2020. I can only send love and compassion to both of them, and to all. May all us be in peace and harmony, and may both of the candidates be placed advantageously by the divine for the betterment of all. And may it be just so. Namaste.




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