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Sagittarius New Moon / Solar Eclipse 12/14 Inspiration Read

Welcome to the much heralded Sagittarius new moon/Solar Eclipse, where we are finally connected to a new vision, feeling a new hope. It’s the return of the light from the Scorpion sojourn into the underworld.

Here we go with the Herbcrafter’s spread of four, clarified by White Sage Tarot.


Five of Air, Wheel of Fortune, 7 of Wands

Hasn’t this been just a year of so many battles fought with no clear victory, leaving so many of us fatigued and confused about what all of this is for? I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it, but Wheel of Fortune is indicating a transition into a new chapter where we will have the passion to step into who we are, even defend those boundaries when necessary with a newfound sense of purpose and vigor. As I’ve mentioned in past reads, the pilot light is coming back on. The Sagittarius new moon and solar eclipse is definitely reflecting it and suggesting the energetic potentiality of a new vision.


Madre of Earth, The Sun, Knight of Wands

This is the type of combination that leads to solid manifestation. Madre of Earth (queen of earth) typically signifies stability and abundance. Take delight in being able to take that next step of the journey in positivity, clarity, passion, and dexterity. We are not looking at that final stages of manifestation yet, but we’re under the auspices of the Sun card and the support from mother of earth to continue the quest. Take delight in the journey. The ability to be in awe with the human experience is the reward in itself. The victory is in the enjoyment and wonderment of the process. We can truly do anything under the sun and we are feeling the sweetness of possibilities again.


Seven of Fire, Page of Swords, 10 of Cups

Something worth fighting for returns with the Seven of Fire. A lot of repeated inspirations in this read, but there it is. The page of swords is the curiosity and information-gathering card, and it points to learning and exploration in new fields. The Gaian Seven of Fire particularly speaks to learning more about our ancestors and our cultural and spiritual lineage. The 10 of Cups suggests emotional fulfillment and support as we honor our roots and traditions and authentically show up as who we are. Cinnamon is a potent remedy and strong in flavor, and so we are to stand strong in authenticity. It’s not only for our own healing, but for the healing of all. As Marianne Williamson says “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


Nine of Water, 8 of Cups, 9 of Cups

It’s the holiday season indeed. Pleasures of life are in abundance with the appearance of double 9 of Cups. Yes, we’ve really had a large share of disappointments and disillusionments with the 8 of Cups this year, but what is life without a myriad of experiences? The timing is now ripe to take inventory and to move on from people/places/situations that don’t serve us and transition into the new that truly reciprocates in positivity, authenticity, and emotional/material abundance. We are taking in everything that we appreciate about Life and celebrating victories of being on the journey. And we are riffing with those who takes delight in co-creating with a full spectrum of colors and textures. As we accept all experiences without judgment, we meet them with the kind of sweetness, satisfaction, and contentment that we project a grandmother would have for her grandchildren. Each one so dear and precious. For this holiday season, connect with that higher power, whatever it may be for each of us, and see from the eyes of the Universe. We will be reminded that Life is sweet, and our cups are oozing with honey no matter what and where we are. We see and we are seen.

Astrology-wise with the Sagittarius new moon solar eclipse, conjunct south node and mercury, we are getting rid of old beliefs for new visions and expanding our horizons through learning and disseminating what we know. The old paradigm of us vs. them, masculine vs. feminine, left vs. right, and the separation of God and mankind are transforming into a different kind of reality. As consumerism is transforming into collectivism, enslavement into empowerment, unconsciousness into direct-knowing, we are able to access creativity and play on a whole new level. For now, do whatever it takes to keep that pilot light on and sustain the sense of new hope. Keep a focus on what really speaks to our hearts, learn about it with enthusiasm, and nurture it closely without needing to know where it all leads. It's safe, and we have the blessings of Venus in Sagittarius to give us a boost in inner-peace and harmony.

The next milestone is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Winter Solstice 12/21. Until then.

And so it is. Namaste.




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