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Pre-Election Mini-Read

Here is the pre-election energy update. I wasn't going to do another one prior to Mercury direct in early-November, but this is just too good.

So here we go with the usual four-card spread in the Herbcrafter's Tarot with flanking clarifiers in White Sage Tarot.

10.24.2020-10.26.2020 End-of-week

Ten of Earth, Strength, 10 of Pentacles

Absolutely mind-boggling because this would not be what the mind expects to hear, but here it is, a double 10 of Pentacles paired with Strength. We are in some fruitful times, even in face of fears and a "bearish" economy. And in my own experience, I am certainly not "feeling" the supposed auspiciousness of the double 10. It's almost like telling me to keep moving forward no matter how hard, because it will lead to completion and fulfillment in terms of human responsibilities (food, housing, finances, family, lineage, etc..). Is it exciting? Not really, it just means being on track in terms of checking the boxes of being modern human, and with that comes a certain level of relief and joy. I sure hope so, but I am also crossing my fingers, because seriously, walking through the forrest with lions and tiger and bears (oh my) has been pretty scary.

10.27.2020 - 10.29.2020 Mid-week

Eight of Earth, Justice, and 3 of Wands

So the second group is saying the same thing. Keep working and moving forward with the Eight of Earth, the effort will be rewarded with Justice. Ships and bounties will come in with the 3 of Wands. In the Herbcrafter's deck, the eight of earth is further represented by Turmeric, an anti-inflammatory. So I suspect we are asked to cool it, and watch out for nervous system triggers that compromise our immunity. If needed, focus on something, be it work or hobby. Concentrate on activities that lead to mind-body balance and feeling of progress and accomplishment. Success in the right doses can be like vitamins, so finish a game of online chess, or knit that sweater pattern you've been wanting to tackle, or re-read the book that gave you calm and peace before.

10.30.2020 - 11.1.2020 End-of-week

The Hermit, 4 of Pentacles, and 9 of Cups

Yeah, that's right, 4 of Pentacles and 9 of Cups flanking the Hermit. I had to look twice. Really!? A time of reflection and financial conservatism, but we carry on with a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. Ok, laymen's terms: we have a window here to have some quiet times that are of pleasurable quality, to maybe share a nice meal together, or just have a nice movie night. Nothing grand, but truly relaxing and enjoyable. No, I wasn't expecting this for pre-election at all, but I'll take this as a cautionary advice. As opposed to being worked-up by what's happening in national news, let's just stay within the safe space of our own homes and have a quiet and non-triggered time in tranquility and stability. So for this read I'm definitely leaning towards the advisory slant. The energy potential is there, but it does take some application and intention to see the potential and experience it.

11.2.2020 - 11.4.2020 Beginning-of-week

The Wheel of Fortune, 7 of Wands, and 6 of Wands

Leading up to the election and mercury direct, this is more like what I was expecting: 7 of Wands fighting over who actually gets to claim victory with 6 of Wands. And we really won't know right away after elections because the Wheel of Fortune is still spinning. Yes, this I can more easily see. I'll give my bias a bit of a run here and say that it can also mean that the fight with 7 of Wands was worth it, as the Wheel of Fortune finally turns the victory towards us. Indeed I wish that is so, but either interpretations could take. So I pulled a couple more clarification cards. Knight of Cups (the challenger, Biden) going through Wheel of Fortune (the election), and the resurrection of a just system based on truth, purpose, and democracy (Judgement) ensues, and a return to sweetness and happier times (the Obama era, signifying dems victory). In my dreams, right? Yeah, again, I'm stretching the reading a bit. But in terms of the personal, we are looking at sweetness, romance, and nostalgia rising. Spiritually, no matter in which arena we feel like we had to bring the fight, the advice here is to cherish the journey, in that you've already won by being in the arena. So celebrate (6 of Wands), and cherish the memories but keep moving forward (6 of Cups). In the end, we are all a part of karma (Wheel of Fortune and Judgement), and there is no such thing as outcome, just a continuous enfolding. So release, relax, and feel it in our hearts that there is still so much hope to come (Knight of Cups). And may it be just so. Namaste.




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