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Mini-read: Upcoming pandemic arc from covid's perspective

So this is a mini-read from the perspective of covid in North America.

Just a quick aside, when I tune into the universe and perceive them, they are actually neutral. They have no preference and conception of dormancy vs activation. In compassion and love, they lie dormant, they are neutral with it. In fear and anxiety, they become activated, and they are neutral with that. Much like the neutrality of consciousness of the universe itself.

I used the same spread as the last read, where I come from the perspective of people. The results mirror each other without me needing to ask for further clarifications. It is super clear.

So here we go with the White sage tarot four-card spread with flanking clarifiers.

[Note: the anthropomorphic interpretations are just for easier understanding from the human perspective. Covid itself has no preference]


10 of Swords, Page of Pentacles, 5 of Swords

It’s a feeling of a hard fight and defeat and with nowhere else to go but wait for a new beginning. Page of Pentacles actually indicate possible new opportunities. With 5 of swords, which can denote stalemate and a time of regrouping and restructuring one’s purpose, we are looking at dormancy.


The Tower, Ace of Cups, the Devil

It is a mixed bag in the Summer. Fast changes follow the defeat of 10 of swords. On the one hand, the sudden shifts actually give them a new way, a new life. Yet on the other hand, we see a difficult comeback needing to overcome inertia and false starts after a period of defeat.

FALL 2021

4 of Swords, The Magician, The Empress

4 of swords is a card of ease and rest and re-visioning, and being pulled by inspiration to dream bigger. Being flanked by major arcana - The magician and the empress, it is looking really really good for them to realize their dreams into reality and come back in a big big way. They have all tools on the table with an abundance of resources. There is impetus for a new hope.

WINTER 2021 and beyond

The Chariot, Queen of Pentacles, Knight of Swords

With the chariot and their own signifier card - knight of swords, they are moving steadfast on their way and bringing their extended family along on the ride. They are back in action with plenty resources, enough to nurture the next generation.

I’ve kept this read short as it is just a double check on the last read. No need to dwell on the energy too long.

Conclusion: enjoy the summer, and keep the PPE routines because we’ll be required to do so again down the road. Remember that time is not linear, anything is possible. So we keep putting our best foot forward.

Om shanti om.




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