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Mini-read: Collective experience of the upcoming pandemic arc

Given the steady rise in percentage vaccinated and the relaxation of CDC guidelines, I thought I’d do a quick read to see the upcoming arc of our collective experience. The spread is sequential - now in May/June 2021, then Summer, Fall, and into Winter and beyond.

Once again I’m using the trusty White Sage tarot for this mundane read, in the usual four-card spread with clarifiers. So here we go.

(4 of Pentacles was the center card, not 8 of Swords)


Ace of Wands, The High Priestess, 5 of Wands

Ace of wands stands strong here as indication of new ideas, new prospects, and a certain confidence in the development of the situation. There is energy, tact, and creativity aligned for a sense of solid new beginning. The high priestess is an observation card. We are still monitoring the situation closely, but there is a sense that we are no longer on the battlefield and are now back to camp to train and take care of logistics. This is not a relaxed trio, and it indicates tension in the background. But overall we are much more hopeful than before.


Wheel of fortune, 8 of Pentacles, Knight of Cups

With the Uranian wheel of fortune, you never know what Lady Luck and karma will bring you. However, given the clarifiers, I’d say people are feeling the tides turn in their favor for a bit of Summer fun. 8 of pentacles indicate we’re getting busy again and re-honing our work skills and daily routines. Knight of cups is a dreamy card where we are likely to get in touch with the romantic side of life. Fourth of July celebrations, barbecues, among other social activities will be back on track this summer. Nothing wrong with that after a long period of restraint.

FALL 2021

Death, Knight of Swords, 2 of Wands

No, not something I like to see but there it is - the combination of death and knight of swords, which is the virus signifier for me. Without the pair together I would be easier about a positive interpretation, but no chance with the pair together. There will be certain incidents in the Fall where we are called to progress from ace of wands to 2 of wands, meaning to reexamine/brainstorm our goals and strategies going forward. CDC guidelines will be further refined to account for precautionary measures. Because as much as we would like to go back to pre-covid times, we are again given the nudge to move into new norms.

WINTER 2021 and beyond

4 of Pentacles, 9 of Swords, 8 of Swords

The winter will have us in conservation mode economically and feeling restricted again physically. As a nation, whatever that happened in the fall may have us in doubt of a predictable future. With the 9 and 8 of swords, we are dealing with internal fears and anxieties. To release these emotionalities, we need to see that nothing in the world has ever been constant, and the only refuge is staying in the present to receive the intelligence and creativity of Life.

A personal reflection: I sense these Uranian times are bringing many people to a new level of cosmic awareness, and to shift from the identification with conditioned mind to the primacy of consciousness. And may it be just so.

Om shanti om.




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