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Joy and abundance mini-read

This is a mini-read for the following question: what do I need to know about feeling joyous and abundant in this moment? I actually did this read before I did the presidency candidates read, just wanted to post this too because it was helpful for me to be in some greater perspective beyond the election.


Six of Earth, 2 of Wands, 9 of Wands

There is equal exchange between effort and result with the Six of Earth. We are surrounded by abundance and equitable and enjoyable give-and-take. The 2 of Wands suggests fruitful planning, and we can keep going even though we are indeed putting in effort as shown by 9 of Wands. Tired? Yes. Want to just get down on the knees and sob? Yes. Ready to give up? Keep going.


Gaia the World, Justice, King of Cups

Circle of life and completion of cycles mark the Gaian world card. Together with Justice and King of Cups, the completion marks at least a return to mutuality and empathy. Justice is served with compassion and kindness instead of unconsciousness and expediency. With Venus and retrograding Mercury finally in Libra, we are stepping into another’s shoes and righting the injustices that we served others. The theme of togetherness is strong in this trio and in this read.


The lovers, 8 of Wands, Strength

To me the Lovers signify integration and unification of mind-body-heart. We are no longer in the illusion of separation and chained to the past and present (the devil card), but integrated and balanced in the here-and-now, the only place where love can be. 8 of Wands suggests a sudden increase of activity and movement, but because we are still running the Libran theme of balance, we take our time to weigh our choices before taking solid steps, without need to rush.


Six of Air, High Priestess, 6 of Wands

Six of air is letting go of the past and welcoming the future with ceremony and prayer. And we do so in the privacy of our own audience with the High Priestess. But we know we are moving in the right direction because the 6 of Wands suggests a victory of some sort - even if it manifests as an internal state of mind. Everything is pointing to what I’d like the election results to be, but fingers crossed for luck.

For joy and abundance, we are doing one-step-at-a-time, regardless of external circumstances. When opportunities for pleasure and business appear, we take them in strides, not edging into addictions of neediness or avoidance. Watch the breath. If there are signs of being pulled to the past or future, remember that success is decidedly in the now. Notice the availability of equality and equanimity all around us. Focus on the loving-kindness behind all movements, and the gap in between. And we are home free to enjoy duality. Planning, doing, becomes not as cumbersome, but cosmic play in itself. That is success. And may it be just so. Namaste.




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