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Holiday Season mini-read

Here is the Venus in Scorpio up to Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius 12/20 mini-read. Not going to overly hype about it, but the cards are beautiful. I've been on a wonderful journey of awareness practice to bring attention back from fear to joy, from anxiety to love. So today's read is a dedication to that. And as always, there is no prediction going on here, just inspiration and a sense of open-hearted co-creation.

Here we go with the Herbcrafter's Tarot spread of four, clarified by White Sage Tarot and Gaian Tarot.


Five of Earth, The Hermit, Two of Air

Five of Earth is traditionally the woe-is-me card. A sense of dissatisfaction, unease, and needing the world to commiserate. In the Herbcrafter's deck we see an elm sapling being supported, protected, and watched over by the house. Even in delicate times - economically, physically, or politically, we can rely on support all around us. The message is repeated with the Hermit in that just because we're alone, doesn't mean we're lonely. Mind projections will convince us otherwise because of negativity bias, and we are encouraged to inquire into the mechanism. Two of Air gives us some space to notice the orientation of fearful thoughts, and to reorient toward inner-wisdom. The Gemini full moon on 11/30 gives us reprieve from analysis-paralysis to a sense of ease and playfulness.


Hija of Fire, 4 of Pentacles, the Seeker

This is a group of new beginnings on solid foundations. The soil is fertile and tilled, the land is well-rested and ready for new plantings. What will it be? A sense of wonder is available with the Hija of Fire (page of wands), and we feel the tickle to explore. Afterall, life is not about the destiny, but the journey. The Seeker knows that as she surveys the vista and allows spirit to guide her next step. The Moon in Leo may provide some out-of-the-box inspiration and clarity. It's a quick transit, but nevertheless a stimulating one with the square to the Uranus/Venus opposition. We feel the pilot light within us light up, and the drive and passion to dream returns. So explore the possibilities and have fun.


Madre of Fire, 4 of Cups, Eight of Fire

This group is a progression from the last group of dreams and exploration. We are headed into action and things happening faster than you can think. If there is a phrase for this period, it is "just do it" with the Eight of Fire. Madre of Fire (queen of wands) is indicating a maturity in the creative process and openness to co-create. Again, we see fear and doubt arise with the 4 of Cups. But there is security indicated by the 4 of Pentacles from the last group. So make the leap, take the offer, knowing you are safe. We can only do one thing at a time, and this week, we have what it takes to boil water, prep ingredients, and tend the fire in joyous synchronization. Mars in Aries trining Sun in Sagittarius ensures we have a steady flow of stamina to give and receive and participate fully with Life.


Nine of Water, Ace of Swords, Ace of Fire

I'm just going to guess that it's going to be a nice holiday season with the Nine of Water. Obviously it's been a long year, and for some of us life really does seem more precarious than ever before. But the spread here is screaming victory and celebration. We are ready to cut through fear and doubt and rise into clarity with the Ace of Swords, and there is resiliency in the Ace of Fire that's bursting with new energy. Nine of Water signals a time of relaxation and replenishment. A time to sink into the beauty of Life, and enjoy a sense of community and camaraderie. As for the political scene - truth prevails, the birth of a new hope, and a sense of mutuality and agreeableness. A right step in the right direction, and Happy Holidays all around.

With Jupiter and Saturn coming into conjunction on winter solstice 12/21, it looks like Jupiter is helping to celebrate hard-won Saturn lessons, and Saturn is here to anchor and provide a solid foundation to Jupitarian dreams and expansions. Most astrologers would call this the move-forward-with-caution conjunction, but I have to honor the cards as it is, and say that their meeting is actually a lot more mutually agreeable and co-creative than textbook astrology might suggest. The feeling is like two prominent professors in their respective fields meeting in a symposium. They may have different approaches to life, and have even sparred and disagreed on many occasions, but when they meet, they are in admiration and praise of each one's expertise. A bit like the juxtaposition of RGB and Scalia's courtroom spar and private friendship. It takes one to know one. And so sink into the feeling of expansion on this new and sturdier foundation, wherever relevant in our lives. That's what we've worked for during this whole illuminating year, and we are ready for it. And may it be just so. Namaste.




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