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Harvest Full Moon mini-read

The 10/1 Harvest Full Moon is looking to be pretty amazing. The Gaian spread begins with the Guardian of Fire. He quietly tends to the bonfire for everyone under the witness of the bobcat and full moon. Together with the heightened intuition of the night sky, we are gently holding space and slowly kindling the fires of passion. It is not time for full-expression yet, as the Two of Air is still asking us to turn within to sync-up with spirit, and to listen before being inspired into action. For the Wheel of seasons and karma turns on its own and changes are always in motion. When we are centered, we watch, intuit, and understand the next step that is asked of us to take. And there will come a time to make that move. Ace of Fire demands a spontaneous start when the batteries of passion is charged to full, and our directionality is aligned with the cosmic cycles. Manifestation of action has to happen when this level of clarity appears.

Lenormand beautifully echoes the Gaian spread. We have the Clover, signifying luck and synchronicity. This is a card of receptivity, and sometimes a test to release control and hardship to a higher perspective in order to see the blessing. And we know the blessing is fated with the Ring. While this is a card of joyous commitment, it is also the balancing and bindings of karma. And we know we are looking at an optimistic unfolding of affairs with the Sun. It is a time of joy and positivity for ourselves and all those around us. So with the trio of luck, timing, and energy, the potentiality of right action is great as we surrender and receive the inspired enfolding. And may it be just so. Namaste.




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