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Chinese New Year mini-read (Aquarius New Moon Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Saturn Stellium)

Finally a mini-read for a big Chinese New Year. It’s new moon in Aquarius (basically Sun/Moon conjunction) with another Jupiter/Venus conjunction and Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius. So 6 total planets in one sign. Supercharged in Aquarian energy - which is fine by me, because I’m just darn sick of the depressive and masochistic Capricorn energy in 2020. For me personally this whole descent into Plutonian shadow started in 2017 with the solar eclipse in Leo that’s exactly over my natal sun. It was rough and tough leading up to 2020, and then my south node got triggered by all those Capricorn transits. It is really not an exaggeration to say that I’ve been raking up muck and going through the dark night of the soul for the past four years. The planets are finally rising through my descendent and I’m ready to come out and play!!! God I miss the sun. My true nature is sunshine and light and I can’t wait to get that mojo back. Of course, nothing is wasted, I’ve used this time for a lot of inner work, so still a lot of heart-felt blessings. But honestly not going to hide my relief for the new energy moving forward.

So here we go with the Herbcrafter’s spread, clarified by White sage tarot. I love love love this spread. We’re in it for something awesome and amazing.


Ace of Fire, Death, 9 of Pentacles

No, I obviously did not cherry-pick this read with the clarifier death card. What came out came out and we open with new drive and energy bursting into the scene, as well as reminders to let go of the past for a total transformation. Death had all been upon us, and we open our arms to receive, as well as the newfound abundance in the 9 of Pentacles that may come through new opportunities and the Aquarian spirit to innovate and try new things. Keep surrendering, accepting, and letting go, and we’ll find us in a place of meaning and abundance - in quarantine or not.


Ace of Water, The moon, 9 of Cups

Another Ace card comes through to mark the momentous beginning. A new energy comes in and we can feel it viscerally, in our intuitive minds, and in our energy bodies. However, the suggestion to take the time to process and integrate experiences of the past again shows up here with the Moon. Throughout the read, there’s a theme of seeing and feeling a new hope but needing to be patient to allow for a certain integration. There is no rushing the process. And even if we want to, we’d feel awkward and icky. It is inconvenient for the mental mind, but really makes a lot of sense in terms of psychological integration. The good news is we’ve got 9 of Cups, easier emotions and even celebrations with family and friends while our psyche continues to prep us for a new emotional horizon.


The Emperor, 10 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles

9 of Cups plus Ace of Cups is 10 of Cups. Love this synchronicity. With the Emperor and 4 of Pentacles, we are feeling so much more stable as a collective. The pace of commerce is starting to pick up, which makes us feel a bit more emotionally balanced. 10 of Cups speaks of emotionally fulfillment, and as I’ve mentioned over and over, it comes with a full-spectrum of the human experience. We are even more appreciative of what we have because we’ve been through the agony and tears. The Emperor in its positive connotation is a conscious observer of emotionality. He does not indulge nor does he condemn. His inner security comes from the observer within. Being in the external influence position, we are given the opportunity to embody the audience, the Aquarian watcher, to observe the stage of humanity. The right use of Aquarian energy is not about disengaging from emotions or creature comforts or security. Absolutism and stoicism for the argument of the greater good, without personal considerations, is a shadow side of the collective mind. We have the opportunity to empathize with what goes on around us, and at the same time know our worth and well-being. I'm just going to say it - the biggest example of this right now is the impeachment trials of our 45th Potus. We have the opportunity to observe in dignity, to see the psychological drama play out and remain grounded in empathy - not for him or anyone, but for the greater good of humanity (Aquarius) and maintaining heartful personal connections (Leo).


Madre of Earth, 6 of Cups, 4 of Cups

Here is another message of seeing the new but not quite ready to spearhead the initiative in full-steam, yet. Mother of Earth is my Green New Deal card, so we are looking good to really do Mother Earth some justice in this very Aquarian new year! Green economy is on, and I love it. Does it mean we’re going to forego oil and petroleum? Of course not, our pharmaceutical innovations actually still depend on it, so unless we forego saving lives and fall into the shadow Aquarius - risking lives for ideology, we will need petrol to save lives for the foreseeable future. But we are getting friendlier with green economy with the 6 of cups. The combination tells me we are nostalgic for a better relationship with Gaia. Of course, even without the appearance of 4 of Cups we know this is not going to happen over night. And with it, we see ourselves considering the best way to move forward. We are still rightly weighing out options and consequences. We are taking time to find the best way to move the Ace of Cups (in the internal influence group) to a fulfilling partnership in a future Two of Cups. In the personal sense, I would say this translates well for any type of relationship and the transformation of relationships. The cups are there, the emotions are there, the willingness to work is there. Again we are just taking time to integrate past lessons and experiences before putting our best foot forward. Nothing at all wrong with that. In fact, it is a perfect manifestation of the Saturn/Jupiter dance where we expand with the proviso of building solid foundations as we go. Could not have asked for better.


Ten of Earth, Queen of Pentacles, 5 of Pentacles

Again and again and again we are shown that love is here, love is now, abundance is here, abundance is now, and to allow time to go through that last bit of the dark night of the soul. Ten of Earth to me is legacy, circle-of-life, and right circulation. With the Queen of Pentacles clarifying, I’d say we are back in the flow and given the suggestion to re-focus on family and nurturing the next generation, as well as taking care of our immediate and greater communities. Grief and sadness takes time, and again we keep surrendering. There really has been a lot of tears for all of us. With the moon that we saw in internal influences, there’s been a lot of the bearing of the cross alone and feeling victimized. In truth, nothing is amiss, and we are on the right abundance, prosperity, and relational path no matter the emotionalities we are to release. Circumstances may seem subpar, but we are encouraged to take inventory of our blessings and see how we’re actually building a better and stronger foundation because of everything that’s happened for us. It is a slow process, and we have the ingenuity and resources and patience to keep moving forward slowly with a sense of stability, abundance, and grace. And I say it is so, and so it is.

Happy Chinese New Year! Namaste.




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