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Ready, Set, Go!

April found me in a frenzy.

Moving, lining up documents, sending and receiving information at a pace too fast and furious for comfort, contemplating the next steps for myself as an independent designer, all the while ruminating about the past with this Venus retrograde and feeling helpless about positive-thinking my way out.

Thank goodness for meditation.

At the end of April, it clicked that really, I can relax. The universe has got my back, and I am safe. There was a time to plan and review the plans, and it's now time to act and just run like the wind without fear or hesitation. The warmer weather upon the northern hemisphere certainly aids the theme of moving forward, and I am wholeheartedly embracing this advantage.

Two Aha-reads appeared for me in April that I'd like to share with you:

Bright Line Eating, by Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson

The MindBody Self, by Dr. Mario Martinez

Here's to an action-filled May. Ready, set, go!




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