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Tender-Hearted Bravery

There is what Pema Chodron calls the tender-hearted bravery in choosing a new path.

I was leading my meditation Meetup group a few days ago, and that moment of choosing tender-hearted bravery came when we were launching a new format with video clip, and with more participants than usual showing up for the session.

The familiar path for me was to scramble and make sure everything went as planned - a nervous energy, disconnected from my heart and body.

The new path for me was to surrender to moment-to-moment intuition with my plan as just a guideline - a receptive energy, connected to my heart and body.

I felt the fear of letting go in each transitional moment: leaving the video to settle into meditation, coming out of meditation to invite discussion, and ending discussion to close the session. At each juncture it was a choice to remain in openness and authenticity. At each juncture a tender-hearted bravery to chose compassion for fear and invite body and heart presence.

What a joy to share what I love with people and truly experience those moments fully. How amazing. Can't wait to expand and share even more.




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