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Solar Return Chart Reading of King Charles III

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DOB: November 14, 1948
9:14pm, London

This is the 2022-2023 solar return chart reading for King Charles III. Overall his upcoming year starting from his birthday on November 14 will be one of expansion and innovation with the backing of significant financiers. In addition to the recorded analysis, there is also the potential of temptation with affairs when it comes to Venus in Scorpio in the fifth and Mars in the twelfth. Or on a higher octave, it could be the ability to romance the masses and entrance his audience to support his cause. Either way, we see him receiving support all around to make use of the opportunities given to him in his career. The challenge would be transforming the image of royalty from a veil of secrecy and romance to becoming integrated with the larger community in honesty and 21-century no-nonsense push for equality. If he "gets" it, we'll see him plan and do things that are non-traditional and uncharacteristic of the royal family. There is a learning curve with so much retrogradation in the chart, but that goes for almost everyone today. He will need to work for it to break out of the mold, and we wish him luck. Namaste.

Charles III Solar Return
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DOB: November 14, 1948

9:14pm, London

Natal Chart Reading of King Charles III

This is a general reading of Charles III's natal chart. In doing the reading, I find his energy to be private, somewhat repressed, but also wanting true connections with his colleagues and peers. We see from his chart that the public often times will not get to see the private roles that he play for his family. He's had to be the secret keeper, the cleaner, and the reliable rock for the family. With Venus conjuncting Neptune in the fourth, we see that his mother was fair and gracious towards him, but also greater than life and out of reach on the day-to-day. Here is someone who's mission is to find the nurturing and innocence that he missed as a child and bring a sense of care and compassion to his public image and professional milieu. It would be counterintuitive for him to publicly reveal his emotional vulnerabilities, but ultimately that is how he heals himself and make the evolutionary leap for his own growth and expansion. Namaste.

Charles III Natal
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Natal Chart Reading of Drew Barrymore

This is a general reading of Drew's natal chart. In doing the reading I find her energy to be generous and captivating. Her early years may be more emotionally restricted and filled with addictions, but these life experiences ultimately prep her in servicing trans-generational visions and causes that may continue to define her legacy beyond her time. Here is someone who's mission is to serve the higher visions of love and is able to garner the loyalty of others in joining her cause. Her best is yet to come.


Drew B Natal Overview
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DOB: February 22, 1975

11:51am, Culver City, CA

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Solar Return Chart Reading of Ilin

This is my own 2022-2023 solar return chart overview. 

Ilin Solar Return
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